Thursday, 29 November 2012

HMC Commands

In general, HMC operations in CLI  are categorized under the following commands,
  • chsystate
  • lssyscfg
  • lssysconn 
1) To display MS connected with HMC
    $lssyscfg -r sys -F name state

2) To display LPARs in managed system
  $lssyscfg -r lpar -m appserver -F name state

3) To lists attributes of Managed systems
   $lssysconn  -r sys

4) To power ON managed system
    $chsystate -r sys -m Msserver -o on

5) To power OFF managed system
    $chystate -r sys -m Msserver -o off

6) To start the LPAR in sms
    $chystate -r lpar -m Msserver -n lpar_name -o on -f normal -b sms

7) To shutdown the LPAR
    $chystate -r lpar -m Msserver -n lpar_name -o shutdown –immed

8) To find the hmc version
    $lshmc -V

9. Show processor information of the LPAR
    #lshwres -m  <Msname>  -r  proc –level lpar

10.Show the processor information of the Managed server
    #lshwres -m  <Msname>  -r proc –level sys

11.Show the memory information of the Managed server
    #lshwres -m <Msname> -r  mem –level sys

12. Show the memory information of the LPARs
   #lshwres -m  <> -r mem –level lpar

13.Shows the io slot information
   #lshwres -m <> -r io –rsubtype slot

14.Show the SCSI devices by the LPAR.
   #lshwres -m <> -r virtualio -rsubtype scsi –level lpar

15.Shows the virtual ether devices by LPAR
   #lshwres  --m <> -r virtualio -rsubtype eth –level lpar 


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